Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why i am here?

Why i am here?
During the days of “the training of the new staff”, I just wonder why I am here? I know that I am so affair of seeing people in pain or with blood. Right now, I work at a hospital but not work for the mental (it doesn’t matter with my thesis). So, why I am here? Although I am enjoy with Family Therapy which is usually used in the field of teens or in the hospital. That’s one of reasons I always be with teens these years. For I know that I am affair of people with their hurt and pain. That’s very queer! In my faith I believe this is what my Lord’s leading. But for what has happened, I feel confuse is it real? It’s hard to say that I don’t know what to do, but it’s true.

Lord, I pray for Thee to show me your ways. I pray for the wisdom from Thee to cope with the situation which I will meet. Lord, I am not strong, but thank for that you are. My almighty Lord, wish I walk on the way which is under Your will. In Jesus’ name. A-men.

----------------Felicia on Oct. 4. 2007 during the training