Sunday, September 02, 2007


This morning we went to a friend’s farm to take away shaddocks from it’s three. This is the 1st time for me to do it. It’s very interesting. We had a lot of fun in the farm. By the way, we worked very hard with almost 13 baskets. Although when shaddock take away from trees need to put 7-14days for eating. We can’t wait and ate some of shaddocks, which are sweet! I really enjoy it.今天跟莉夫妻跑去中寮採柚子,對於都市長大的我而言,這可是第一次從樹上把柚子摘了下來呢,好好玩呢,就是到後來有些累,真的是「誰知盤中飧,粒粒皆辛苦。」要當果農也不是那麼容易的事呢。雖然柚子採下來得放7-14天才會真正好吃,不過我們現場殺了幾顆吃的感覺,超級幸福的,都好好吃喲。今年颱風作怪,很多柚子幾乎被颱風掃下來了,所以現在可以從樹上採到新鮮柚子可不是一件容易的事呢。


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