Sunday, March 01, 2009

Taichung County

Taichung County
Traveling with Cookies Monster. Isn't is so cute?
We visited a small train station which is named "Chui-Fen" station. People love to come here to by the ticket from "Chui-Fen" to "Cheng-Gong" which is sounded like "to propose successfully" or " have high scores in the exam" in chinese. Cookies Monster sat in front of the ticket machine, did he want to buy the ticket?
This building was a school for long time ago. Nowadays it transform to be a temple. People come here to pray " have high scores in the exam". It just near by the Chui-Fen station. It is so interesting that a place which was used to studing now become a temple. People thought that these gods live in the temple can let them get high scores.

Nearby is a path where u can see the beautiful sight of Taichung. Hope u also enjoy these places in Taichung.

--------Felicia on 2009.03.01

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