Saturday, May 03, 2008

Who Can Count?

Who Can Count?
"Everyone can count the seeds in an apple, only God can count the apples in a seed." The words was what I heard today. I love it! The pastor who said the words want us to plant the seed. U never know what will the seed grow like, noly God know it. Today, I also send the letter to my friend for help. I knew that I lost my patience with people. I cna't see the value which should be priceless in people.

Lord, I pray I could see the way U see the people. For I know that U love them so much. The amazing grace which U had given is so great! Leading me to have the heart U have. Lord, thank U always be with me, even though I forgot it, U still be with me. In Jesus' name I pray, A-men.

-------------Felicia on May.03.2008

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