Thursday, July 30, 2009

As a student

As a student
As a student, it’s very easy to recognize if the teacher has prepared well or not.
Tonight while I joined the course “The theory and practice of teaching”. I felt a little angry of it. There are four things I don’t like:

First, the teacher didn’t prepare well of it. At beginning, she wants to reviews last week’s teaching. After couldn’t show any example, she skipped it.

Second, today’s topic “goal” wasn’t identified. I totally can’t understand why she makes “knowledge” and “understanding” as the goal. The principles of these are also not principles; those should be the “way” to reach the “goal”.

Third, the teacher makes a book as the textbook, but she doesn’t use it. Why she make that as a textbook?

Forth, what she has taught didn’t matter with the homework-how to make a teaching project. It should also be the goal of the course. Although, she given us a sheep for example at the end of the course.

Well, after today’s course, it is a big warning of me.

------------Felicia being a summer session student in 2009

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