Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do what is right

Do what is right
Yesterday, I told to my sister after I finishing the textbook, I don’t want to make a handout. For I feel the textbook is not organized. Today, while I read a book, it reminds me again and again, what I have to do is the right thing. Even though I still agonize, I decide to obey it. It’s not easy to make a handout form a no organized textbook. It’s the duty of a teacher to let students understand what the idea of it. Even I don’t need to teach them by face to face during summer session.

Just do what is right! It’s not easy to do what is right. For me, sometimes I would like to take the easy way, not the right way. My Lord still keep to remind me go and do what is right.

-----------Felicia write in summer session of 2009

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