Friday, August 27, 2010

Satir in Parent-Child

Satir in Parent-Child
Tonight, two lectures share what they have done with Parent-Child by the model of Satir. As most people know, Satir is famous for her community model. Just do it by Family sculpture, without telling people what to do. While people in her model, they just feel what they feel. Sharing their real wishes to others, making a deal with each other from what they feel. Systems have their influence to one another. While one changes, then the dynamic interaction also changes. Evan though someone still wait and see, he or she starts opening his or her mind to change.

During tonight’s course, we are not just to be told what has happened on the Parent-Child group, we experienced what the dynamic interaction which is surrounding us. From choosing the sculpture to guessing the meanings, it’s so clear to understand what’s going on. While one change, the other also want to change! From 3 Yeses and 5 Nos, we also experience that it’s so hard to get “Yes”. I love tonight’s course!!!

-----------Felicia recorded after the course….

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