Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time's up?

Time's up?
Those weeks I was just wondering that is it worth to keep on? I felt so tired about a lot of things. Sometimes also felt sad. Even though I know enlarging the vision is so important. Now the question is that am I want to do it? Days are full of extremely busy. I need time to think about it. I also need wisdom to tell which part is not my business, even though I feel concern about it. I wish I could get the point as soon as possible which were not only me concern about. God has more in store! Keep on praying to get more form Him. Still have lots of barriers need to be broken. Dear Father Lord leads me to see the goal form Thee. Let me to understand which is worth going on and which the right moment to leave off is. Let me back to Your heart. From now till on to sure You have more in store. Take my courage in both hands. Praise Your name at any moment. Time's up to remind all of it.

----------Felicia am wondering---------

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